Easy Capture Keystrokes

Free Keylogger Platinum is a software for hidden keyboard monitoring. It is able to capture every keystroke from any application running on computer. All captured keystrokes are saved into the secret log files. You can access those logs via Local Network, or from the program interface. And only you can do it, because only you know a special hotkey to open/hide keylogger.

In addition to keystroke logging, this program has a function of Windows clipboard scan and web navigation monitoring. In other words, it records all copied text, and capture addresses and titles of visited websites.

Free Keylogger Platinum

With our free Keylogger, you can uncover any secrets, you will see almost all activity of the user. Just imagine: you can catch conversations, passwords, chats, emails and much more.

Why use Free Keylogger Platinum?

Protect Children Online
If you are a parent, you probably know how is it diffucult to guard a children from the outer space. Especially Internet! It is a place when you can tataly lose your control over your kid. It is a place when upbringing depends on online communities, chats, forums and social networks. It's a really dangerous place there everything may happen. When your child is talking with somebody online, very often it is impossible to know who is really on the "other side" of the chat. Is it just his fiend? Or may be a stranger with profligate intentions?

With Free Keylogger Platinum you w'll get back in control! You will know all conversations of your child, including chats, forums, social networks and communication software. The reports with addresses of visited webpages will be available for you as well. With all this information, you will be able to protect your kids from the Internet - this big world of many faces and many dangers.

Save Relations
Do you have a wife/husband or a girl/boyfriend? Do you really love her/him? If so, you may need to take reasonable steps to keep your relations. Thousands of pairs fall every year by reason of unfaithfulness due to online meetings. Statistics shows:

- 56% of people use the Internet for flirt.
- 37% of people like online sexual talk. And almost half of them at least once made phone contact with the person they flirted online.
- Evidence shows there is a high interrelation between on-line flirt and future real-time sex.
- 32% of people had an online conversation that has grew into the real sex.
- 53% of married men and 69% of married women don't know about their spouses' extramarital activity.

As you can see, the statistics is deplorable. That's why, if you want to protect your relations, you should use a monitoring software like Free Keylogger Platinum.

Improve Productivity of your Business

Are you a boss? Do you have employees? If so, our free monitoring program may become your most effective method in a personnel management. How it's possible? Most of workers use essential part of their working hours for entertainment. They may play games, talk online in chats, ICQ, Skype or simply surfing the Websites. As a result, you get a leak of productivity, and therefore, a drop of revenue. In this sutuation you need to take your employees under control. Free Keylogger Platinum can surely help. All you need is to install it on their computers just once, launch and set on automatic startup with Windows in hidden mode. Your employees will even not know about existance of monitoring program on their computers. After installation, you can either access reports via Local Network, either directly on their computers after they go home. You will see who is a good worker, and who is a lazy bugger. Without using keylogger, it's may be hard to know how much time your employee needs to complete the defined task. With our program, you will always know when the work is done and your employee has a rest. You will appreciably increase a performance of your business, and start receiving much more money.

Recover Lost Text

Many people use our software to backup their work. If you work with text documents, you probably know how it's horrible to lose matter by reason of hung text editor. You can spend hours of time by typing some material, and lose everything in a moment. With Free Keylogger Platinum, you can always recover that text information. All your keystrokes are safe now... As well as your nerves!

Download Free Keylogger Platinum now. It is 100% free, and works under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.